The Best NASCAR Sportsbooks

Jun 12, 2014 by Nascar Wagers

The Best NASCAR Sportsbooks

The Best NASCAR Sportsbooks

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We often get asked who has the best NASCAR sportsbooks when it comes to online betting. If you search online, you will get several different answers and often from places that have little interest in NASCAR. In fact more often than not, we see some of the worse NASCAR sportsbooks being promoted around the web simply because they have more cash to advertise and give back to their promoters. However if you are going to bet NASCAR at any level, then it is imperative that you make sure you have the best odds in your arsenal. If you are not getting the best odds, not only does it affect immediate winnings but it also adds up substantially over the long haul. The difference from one sportsbook to another in the world of NASCAR can be enormous. Perhaps what makes it even more difficult, is the fact that most bettors do not have the time to study lines at different shops on a weekly basis before they choose a book. Therefore we wanted to provide a shortlist of the best NASCAR sportsbooks currently available.

Also be sure to check our NASCAR Sportsbook page which is updated monthly from our self conducted reviews along with our readers feedback.

#1 NASCAR Sportsbook:


Bet at 5dimes

Our top pick hands down belongs to 5Dimes. 5Dimes has an appealing and user friendly interface. However, it is their odds that consistently beats the competition with each and every race. If you are going to bet on NASCAR, then getting the best odds has to be your main priority for both short term and long term success. 5Dimes offers competitive H2H race and qualifying matchups, prop bets, group bets, and more on a weekly basis. More importantly they are the only sportsbook that will allow you to parlay race winners with other bets which can bring huge profit potential. If you want to get started with 5Dimes, simply click on the banner and sign-up. No promotion code is necessary and your account will automatically qualify for the best promotions available courtesy of

#2 NASCAR Sportsbook


We always encourage NASCAR bettors to have multiple books just because the odds on specific drivers varies from one betting shop to another. Bovada is one of the only sportsbooks outside of 5Dimes that offers betting options for all NASCAR events and all sporting events for that matter. Bovada also post their lines extremely early compared to other competitors. This advantage is huge for NASCAR bettors because it gives you a chance to make your opening picks before the market has adjusted based on other bettors. If you follow our picks at, you may notice how much odds change throughout the week. Just last week one of our long shot picks was bet down from 30 to 1 odds at opening offerings to 12 to 1 by the start of the green flag. Have a book in your corner that gives you those early odds and take advantage of them. For these facts alone, Bovada is an excellent alternative NASCAR book.

#3 NASCAR Sportsbook


Another sportsbook that is starting to gain ground on the competition is RealBet. They are relatively new compared to most competitors but they have made a prestigious name for their selves in a short time period. They offer generous odds on all Monster Energy Cup Series events and they plan to expand to all other NASCAR events in the same time. Also, they have an incredible user friendly platform and some awesome casino action. It will not be long before they are one of the leaders in the online industry and they treat their customers extremely well.

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