NASCAR Odds – Getting the best Number

Mar 12, 2014 by Nascar Wagers


NASCAR Odds – Getting the best Number

The key to mastering any sport in the betting world is “knowledge.” As a NASCAR bettor, knowledge comes in many forms from learning a team’s strategy for an upcoming race, learning how the car has performed in practices in race trim, to understanding driver’s who perform well on certain style tracks, and much more. Sometimes bettors simply lack the resources to obtain all the information necessary to pick race winners which is why it is important to have the best NASCAR handicapping service in the world on your side.

After bettors have learned where to find consistent winning picks, the next most important aspect to NASCAR handicapping is getting the best odds. Driver’s odds can change significantly from opening to close. Sometimes the odds may get better and sometimes the odds may get worse. For individuals that are not extremely experienced with NASCAR betting, it may seem like a guessing game as to whether particular odds will get better or worse for a specific driver or a potential race match-up. The importance of getting the best number on a driver cannot be undermined as it directly correlates to both short and long term success.

The difference between getting a winning driver at 7-1 odds compared to 17-1 odds can be enormous especially if it happens more than once. Unfortunately NASCAR bettors typically lose more money collectively, in theory, from getting bad odds on winning tickets compared to the collective money that is risked that does not win. If you are going to bet on NASCAR at any type of consistent level, then you have to understand the importance of getting the best number each and every week. To ensure you are maximizing profits to sustain long term success, there are a few things you can do to help get the best odds available.

The easiest strategy towards getting the best odds is having the best sportsbooks at your disposal. NASCAR is not carried at all major sportsbooks. Therefore it is important to know which books do carry NASCAR as a starting point and then learn which books typically house the best odds. It is also a good idea to have funds in 2 or 3 sportsbooks as well. This gives bettors the option to make sure they are getting the best odds on a driver at different shops rather than just relying on one particular sportsbook each week. If you are interested in the best NASCAR sportsbooks, check out our sportsbook section at the top of our home page.

Outside of shopping around for the best odds available, how do you know if the odds will get better or worse the closer it gets to race time? This is a hard question to answer because there are many different reasons odds will fluctuate from opening to close. The best answer to this question is “experience!” An experienced NASCAR handicapper understands the factors that cause odds to change. Anything and everything can cause odds to change including: track conditions, practices, qualifying, a driver’s track history, and much more. A good handicapper is able to determine whether the odds are in favor early in the week or whether to wait for the odds to get better. If you do not get the best number on your picks, it will be impossible to sustain long term success. Unfortunately this can be the hardest part of NASCAR handicapping. The good news is our staff at NASCAR Wagers does a great job of pinpointing the best odds with our weekly picks. If you need help with determining the best odds, sign-up for our weekly newsletter located on our home page! Each week our newsletter releases a few early picks surrounding drivers with valuable odds that will likely get worse towards race time to help bettors get the best number possible. Make sure you do not miss out on these weekly opportunities!

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