Nascar Betting and Wagers

Mar 12, 2014 by Nascar Wagers


NASCAR Betting and Wagers

Placing a wager on the winner of a NASCAR race is one of the most exciting and rewarding thrills of sports betting. If you like cashing on huge payouts, then start wagering on NASCAR! The odds are stacked in favor of bettors as long as you can pick winners on a rather consistent level. Typical sports bettors that place side wagers usually risk $110 to win $100 or something similar depending on their average betting size. These bettors are usually risking the same amount of money, plus the juice, that they hope to win. However, NASCAR bettors can pick 3-4 drivers to win a race at any range from 5-1 to 100-1 odds. Therefore to give a numerical example; if you pick 4 drivers to win a race for a total cost of $400 and hit on driver at 25-1 odds then that would be a huge $2100 payday! Many bettors do not even make that type of profit in an entire season surrounding a specific sport, much less on a single event.

One of the biggest benefactors surrounding NASCAR is that it is relatively small in the betting community compared to major sports like football, basketball, and baseball. Why is this good? Well it means that there is less focus and expertise put towards NASCAR from odds makers. For those of us who are at the track speaking with the drivers, learning how the cars run in race trim, and getting firsthand information around the track; it gives us a much bigger advantage against odds makers than you can get in any other sports. Having a sharp NASCAR handicapper that can identify value in odds and race match-ups, will almost certainly help yield long term profits.

The biggest issue that bettors may encounter with NASCAR betting is the losing streaks which can get rather expensive. Losing streaks are going to happen when betting on race winners because you are making just a few picks in a field that typically houses 43 drivers. Therefore bettors must be able to accept the losing streaks and not throw in the towel completely before reaping the rewards of the winning streaks. The winning streaks will also come and fortunately will out-weight the losing streaks in terms of profit. In reality while there may be 43 drivers each week, only a handful of drivers have a legitimate chance of winning each week unless you are at the restrictor plate tracks like Daytona and Talladega where the playing field is relatively level. If you have a good handicapping service that is able to deliver winners, the profits can be mind boggling over the course of a long 36 race season.

In truth, NASCAR bettors can sustain profits even if they only hit a race winner once in every 3-4 races if the odds are favorable enough. Just hitting a big 60-1 underdog once in a season, can nearly cover half of your risking cost for the entire 36 race schedule which leads into the most important aspect of NASCAR handicapping surrounding the odds. Race odds are typically released during the middle of the week and can drastically fluctuate until the start of the race. A driver can open at 15-1 odds and can be listed as low as 5-1 odds once the green flag drops. If bettors miss out on the best odds in this example, a bettor could be potentially giving away a $1,000 on the same winning ticket. Getting the best odds on a specific driver each week is crucial to not only obtaining maximum profit but also maintaining long term success. If you do not have a lot of experience with NASCAR betting, it may be hard to understand if specific odds will get better or worse after being released. To learn more about getting the best odds on a driver each week, check out our article NASCAR Odds – Getting the best number.